Convergence: Transforming Our Future is an exhibition and event program exhibition showcasing five years of world–class, trans-disciplinary practice at the Design Research Institute, RMIT University.

Using the simple circle as a starting point – the dominant motif of the building and a metaphor for the collective ‘whole’ – research threads are extracted expressed via arrangement in thematic clustering, folding circular form and coding via colour. This vibrant and sliding colour scale intensifies at a singular project, clearly marking it to a distinct flagship framework yet indicating its relationship to the collective.

Conceived of as a layered experience with a duality of entrances, the exhibition opens up RMIT Design Hub to the public for the first time over a number of floors. The purpose-designed coloured navigational device, therefore, becomes a mechanism for weaving and guiding, exploring the building as the exhibition unfolds. Exhibits include a diverse range of mediums including a visualization mapping five years of the DRI, a publication ‘reading room’, large-scale architectural installation, soundscape, projection, models, drawings, objects, textiles and a ‘theatre in the round’ for performance, workshops and interactive events.

Curated by: Fleur Watson and Ewan McEoin
Exhibition Assistant: Kate Riggs
Exhibition design:
Amy Muir
Stuart Geddes, Chase & Galley
Photography by Tobias Titz