Engaged by the National Gallery of Victoria to design the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition as part of Melbourne NOW. The exhibit show cases 23 individual Melbourne jewellers who all bring an individual craft yet a collective intent to the exhibition. 

The design for the exhibition referred to as Appurtenance, sits within a 37m long corridor. It was important that the individual artists were defined within the collective. The folded steel shelving responds directly in scale to the individual works. 

As jewellery is traditionally worn and is tactile in nature, the displaying of jewellery within the secure box heightens the separation between the viewer and the work. The cantilevered shelf encourages the viewer to engage with the work on a more intimate level allowing the feet to slide under, body closer.


An intimate scale
Intimate execution
Lots of love
A raw material that is cut, folded, manipulated
A material that is refined, worked to generate an ornamental condition
The space
A corridor
A thoroughfare
Generating a navigational device
Thinness, a delicate yet robust system that celebrates the individual
A singular gesture that unites
The linking of parts to form one

Artists represented in the exhibition include:

Robert Baines
Roseanne Bartley
Nicholas Bastin
Bin Dixon-Ward
Mark Edgoose
Maureen Faye-Chauhan
Stephen Gallagher
Allona Goren
Jo Hawley
Kirsten Haydon
Marian Hosking
Manon van Kouswijk
Carlier Makigawa
Sally Marsland
Vicki Mason
David Neale
Tiffany Parbs
Nicole Polentas
Phoebe Porter
Emma Price
Lousje Skala
Blanche Tilden
Meredith Turnbull

Photography by Peter Bennetts