The proposed library for the Green Square Competition, oscillates between the civic gesture to Botany Road, Zetland and the human scale denoted by the plaza.

The Waterloo chimney erased to make way for the new community vision formed an important reference for the proposal. Regarded as a blight on the landscape, it provides a reminder as to just how far we are advancing in our attitude towards a sustainable means of living. The formal gesture, symbolic of a time past, provides a new interpretation of what was once there. Now a civic emblem paying homage to the book, whilst acknowledging the importance of the library as a public refuge for the free provision of knowledge. 

The new abstracted 'chimney' forms the nodal point to the site while the remainder of the building slopes down towards the plaza addressing a human scale. The internal timber structure of the chimney is expressed and celebrated. Used for their acoustic and insulation properties, recycled books line the internal facade providing pockets of light that stream into the entrance lobby and into the western end of the floors above. 

Imagery by James Burrell