22 02 2011 12.59pm A specific moment in time. A time which will never be forgotten by many. A time which affected a place. Time. The role of the shadow and its relationship to this very specific memorial, informs the overall design response. 

Place making is considered through the traditional Marae structure which was defined through a rectangular stone plinth surrounded by stone or posts. The Marae post, cast in bronze, is adopted as a place making device dotted around the perimeter of the site defining the collective loss. The bridge balustrade adopts the form in order to integrate with the design. 

The design actively engages with both sides of the river acknowledging its relationship and benefit for reflection providing an intimate connection between two parts through the suspended platforms that hover over the river. 

Overlooking the north facing carved landscape are 185 bronze cast Marae remembrance posts (1.7m high) dedicated to each earth quake victim. Tactile. To be touched. The shadow cast on 22.02 at 12.59pm is that of the individual and as the day passes this shadow is defined as the collective. The specific time on this date cast by the shadow is carved into the stone paving scoring the land. 

The Cherry Blossom tree is used on mass within the 17 Nations Cherry Blossom forest – the signalling of spring brings great comfort for many. A tree that defines time and provides intimacy within a larger landscape.